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Transcript interview Lauriane Ortega - Erasmus + placement

Feb - Apr 2017


My name is Lauriane Ortega, I did an internship as a Graphic and 3D Designer in Berlin for SIUT Lichtfaserbeton (a Firm that illuminates concrete ;) for 3 Months. Before, I was travelling and studying in China for six months and finished my studies (Design) at the Fine Art School and Design of Marseille in France

1. Pick 5 words to describe yourself

My Friends would say I’m crazy, open minded, communicative, curious and easy-going.

2. What were your first impression of Berlin upon your arrival?

I was surprised to see how well organised the Education-Program and the city are. When I arrived everything was already taken care of. Education office did everything to make our lives in Berlin really easy and enjoyable. And at SIUT I already had small tasks waiting for me.

3. What does surprise you the most about your stay in Berlin ?

How easy it was to created your own life in Berlin. Berlin is really international, you’ll find english speakers everywhere. Thats amazing and really usefull to buy stuff, to find your way, to make friends…

4. What set of skills did you acquire during this internship ?

I learned how to organise myself and take notice of what is most important.

Now every friday evening, before I leave the office, I make a list of things I have to do in the following week. This way on Monday everything is already organised and I can start working right away. I just read and restart working. I leave space open in my list for new tasks from my superviser. In this case I always have things to do and develop. I think I am more independant like this.

5. Can you name us one or two examples of linguistic / intercultural misunderstanding you experienced and how do you overcame it ?

I think my strong french accent is a kind of pb, sometimes people can not understand what I am saying because of it. For exemple, when i am saying project and product. They told me I was saying this two words in the same way even if I was thinking the opposite. So I start to prononciate it in the german way. So now i am speaking “Genglish” with a french accent.

7. Name a challenging work situation and what you learnt from it?

I think it was to integrate the team. I really wanted to be a part of it and not only watching what they were doing. In the beginning I showed them how I work and what I can do. Step by step I asked for more things to do, more questions about how they did or do things. Now I think I understand their product and they are asking me to do more tasks and challenges for them. Sometime it’s difficult but they know I’ll do my best to achieve it. I think it is the best result I could have.

6. How did you grow as a person

Now I am more confident about myself and my work. This is really a big step for me.

7. Will you share one / some of your best memories with us?

No. :D

The bike ! With my flatmates we bought some bicycles in Mauerpark. So first, if you come to Berlin just go to Mauerpark on Sunday, for the “park life”, the street show, the history, the atmosphere, the music, the free market…. I love this Park !

Second a bike in Berlin is Great ! Berlin is flat so really easy even if you hate sport like me! It a good way to discover the city and even the outside !

9. What pieces of advice would you give to future candidates?

Just do it and Enjoy it.

We have one life and would be too bad not trying. If you like it continue if you don’t you’ll be sure the life in your country is what you need. So nothing to lose !

Patricia from Spain

How did you feel in Berlin? How were you doing?
At the beginning I felt a little bit alone, because german people are a little bit special, but in general I enjoyed and continue enjoying my time in Berlin

Did you have positive experiences in Berlin or maybe also negative? If yes what was it?
I have had a lot of positive experiences in Berlin, I got to know new people, and also got to know the history of Germany. I know how it works here and I have improved my english and also learned a new leanguage.

Could you shortly summarize how was your internship, where have you been, which company, what was your job?
My internship was very interesting because it was directly related with my studies. I couldn't made another internship better. I have been in SGS – Institut Fresenius, in the south of Berlin. I carried out inorganic samples to analyze differents pollutans by differents methods depending on the kind of pollutans.

Did you improve your German?
When I arrived here I don't know german. Now I have improve my english and I'm learning german.

Did you get new friends during this time? What do you think will you visit each other in the future?
Yes I did. I got new friends from the program and also at the company where I did my internship. Of course, I would like to visit them in the future.

Would you like to come back again to Berlin?
I falled in love with Berlin... I live here now.

Would you recommend to other friends our program?
Yes I would, of course. And I recommend to come with the same team (Education GmbH) who organized my stay here.

Diana Clerici from Italy

How did you feel in Berlin? How were you doing?
The time in Berlin was great and I felt myself regenereated and lucky.

Did you have positive experiences in Berlin? If yes what was it?
Most of my experience were positive.

Could you shortly summarize how is your internship, which company, what is your job?
I made my internship by FEZ Zentrum, the biggest centre in Europe which deals with families and children. My main tasks were to organize events, to get in contact with partners, to translate documents and attend meetings.

Did you already improve your German?
Yes, I improved my german and I fell myself more confident to speak it.

Did you get new friends? What do you think will you visit each other in the future?
I met many people during my staying in Berlin. Most of them are foreigner people, who decided to stay in Berlin, but I met also some german people, especially in my work place and I would love to visit them soon.

Would you like to come back again to Berlin?
Yes, I would like to come back in Berlin in a future and maybe to live there for a while.

Would you recomend to the other friends our program?
Yes, I would definetely reccomend this kind of experience to my friends.

Emmi Makkonnen from Finland

How did you feel in Berlin? How were you doing?
Berlin is changing every day and I feel like I'm discovering something new about the city all the time.

Did you have positive experiences in Berlin? If yes what was it?
The people are very friendly here, I have always got help when I have needed some. Even withouth asking.

Could you shortly summarize how is your internship, which company, what is your job?
My internship is in a media company called CORPORATE MEDIA. It's a relatively small office and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. I do small graphic design tasks such as editing images, designing flyers, mailings and logos.

Did you already improve your German?
Yes, thanks to my evening classes and my working environment where everybody speak mostly in German, I understand the language more and more every day.

Did you get new friends? What do you think will you visit each other in the future?
Yes, I've made many friends and I think I will visit them in the future.

Would you like to come back again to Berlin?
Yes, Berlin is very interesting city and very easy to get comfortable with even for someone who doesn't speak so much German.

Would you recommend to other friends our program?
Yes, the arrangements have been very good and I really enjoy my work placement. I believe that the program has brought me many new perspectives on my career and during the internship I've grown as an professional which will give me advantages when applying for jobs in the future.

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