Diana Clerici from Italy

How did you feel in Berlin? How were you doing?
The time in Berlin was great and I felt myself regenereated and lucky.

Did you have positive experiences in Berlin? If yes what was it?
Most of my experience were positive.

Could you shortly summarize how is your internship, which company, what is your job?
I made my internship by FEZ Zentrum, the biggest centre in Europe which deals with families and children. My main tasks were to organize events, to get in contact with partners, to translate documents and attend meetings.

Did you already improve your German?
Yes, I improved my german and I fell myself more confident to speak it.

Did you get new friends? What do you think will you visit each other in the future?
I met many people during my staying in Berlin. Most of them are foreigner people, who decided to stay in Berlin, but I met also some german people, especially in my work place and I would love to visit them soon.

Would you like to come back again to Berlin?
Yes, I would like to come back in Berlin in a future and maybe to live there for a while.

Would you recomend to the other friends our program?
Yes, I would definetely reccomend this kind of experience to my friends.