Emmi Makkonnen from Finland

How did you feel in Berlin? How were you doing?
Berlin is changing every day and I feel like I'm discovering something new about the city all the time.

Did you have positive experiences in Berlin? If yes what was it?
The people are very friendly here, I have always got help when I have needed some. Even withouth asking.

Could you shortly summarize how is your internship, which company, what is your job?
My internship is in a media company called CORPORATE MEDIA. It's a relatively small office and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. I do small graphic design tasks such as editing images, designing flyers, mailings and logos.

Did you already improve your German?
Yes, thanks to my evening classes and my working environment where everybody speak mostly in German, I understand the language more and more every day.

Did you get new friends? What do you think will you visit each other in the future?
Yes, I've made many friends and I think I will visit them in the future.

Would you like to come back again to Berlin?
Yes, Berlin is very interesting city and very easy to get comfortable with even for someone who doesn't speak so much German.

Would you recommend to other friends our program?
Yes, the arrangements have been very good and I really enjoy my work placement. I believe that the program has brought me many new perspectives on my career and during the internship I've grown as an professional which will give me advantages when applying for jobs in the future.