Patricia from Spain

How did you feel in Berlin? How were you doing?
At the beginning I felt a little bit alone, because german people are a little bit special, but in general I enjoyed and continue enjoying my time in Berlin

Did you have positive experiences in Berlin or maybe also negative? If yes what was it?
I have had a lot of positive experiences in Berlin, I got to know new people, and also got to know the history of Germany. I know how it works here and I have improved my english and also learned a new leanguage.

Could you shortly summarize how was your internship, where have you been, which company, what was your job?
My internship was very interesting because it was directly related with my studies. I couldn't made another internship better. I have been in SGS – Institut Fresenius, in the south of Berlin. I carried out inorganic samples to analyze differents pollutans by differents methods depending on the kind of pollutans.

Did you improve your German?
When I arrived here I don't know german. Now I have improve my english and I'm learning german.

Did you get new friends during this time? What do you think will you visit each other in the future?
Yes I did. I got new friends from the program and also at the company where I did my internship. Of course, I would like to visit them in the future.

Would you like to come back again to Berlin?
I falled in love with Berlin... I live here now.

Would you recommend to other friends our program?
Yes I would, of course. And I recommend to come with the same team (Education GmbH) who organized my stay here.