About us Education knows no borders

We have been active in the education market in Berlin and in other European countries since 1991. In the framework of the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, we promote successful social and cultural integration, help improve language skills and ensure future-oriented professional development for young people from all over Europe.

Katharina Krause
International Project Manager
+49 30 42024697
Arianna Cortopassi
Incoming Coordinator
+49 30 420 24 69 15
Giada Caccia
Placement Coordinator
+49 30 420 24 69 15
Louisa Schmücker
Communication, Marketing and PR
+49 30 420 24 69 20

What sets us apart

„Overall, the project was carried out successfully and with excellent quality. The objectives set within the framework of the project were achieved to a high degree. The preparation of the participants took place in a good, detailed and goal-oriented way. In accordance with the approach “good preparation = good project”, the preparation has proven its worth also in this project. […] The project management has functioned very well in its entirety with regard to adherence to the project plan, as far as possible due to the pandemic, and has also proven its qualities in times of crisis. […] The quality of the measures (evaluation, impact, diffusion) to assess the project results is very good overall. Your statement that “qualitatively set and implemented project management always leads to good results in project work” was clearly proven. Thank you for your dedicated project management in these difficult times.“

National Agency at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training
October 2022