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Education GmbH provides students, graduates, and young professionals with the opportunity to complete a specialised internship in Berlin. Our mobilities are tailored to each participant’s background, needs, and future aspirations, so that everyone can gain valuable work experience and improve their language skills.


An internship in Berlin with our support offers you numerous advantages. We have listed the most important ones below:

Customised internship

We make sure that your internship matches with your education, work experience, language skills and personality.

On-site accommodation

We take care of finding the most suitable accommodation for you. Erasmus also supports you financially here.

Language course

On request, you can upgrade your language level thanks to our collaboration with a high-quality language school in the city.

Administrative support

Don't worry about how to manage the paperwork. We will take care of it in collaboration with your sending organisation.

Internship recognition

We help you receive the formal documents to prove your experience abroad. These are: internship certificate, EU-recognised document "Europass Mobility", language certificate.

Professional added value

Your internship in Berlin is a big plus on your CV and sets you apart in future job applications. Here you can discover the European / international job market for yourself.

Multicultural experience

Learn about new cultures, meet other Erasmus participants like you, and live the European values first-hand. Embrace tolerance, curiosity, and open-mindedness.

Resourceful city

Berlin offers professional internships, multicultural districts, efficient means of transports, museums, expositions, parks & much more.


It doesn’t take much to do an Erasmus placement in Berlin:
You can come do an internship in Berlin with us, if…

In order to come to Berlin within the framework of the Erasmus programme, you should follow these simple steps:

The National Agency of your country can help you find the right sending organisation for you.

Our services

If you would like to do an internship in Berlin, our team at Education GmbH will support you in all aspects regarding the work placement, accommodation, language course and any matter that may arise during your stay.

Do you have other questions?

Here you will find an overview of our most frequently asked questions, which we will answer directly.

If you have further questions, please send us an email at and we will be happy to help.

You don’t have to know German but at least an approximative B1 level of English is required.

An exception is the field of healthcare: In this case, you need at least a B1 level of German.

While in Berlin, you and your mentor might think of prolonging your Erasmus+ experience. To do so, you should contact your sending institution to ask if the Erasmus grant can cover your project extension.

You can give ideas of where you would like to work, the type of company you would be interested in and what tasks you would be happy to fulfil. Then, we will be the ones responsible for finding your internship. We always base our research on your requests.

We will book your accommodation according to its proximity to your internship company and the availability of the rooms, but you can always express your preference between living in a shared flat or a host family.

To find out more about the grants and opportunities offered by the European Commission check this link.

„The internship you found me is perfect, it's exactly what I wanted to do! I also love the accommodation and I have very friendly roommates. Thank you a lot!“

from France, web-developer

„The Erasmus+ experience with Education GmbH was very positive. I felt safe from the first day I arrived in Berlin. Everything was very well organized and prepared to receive me. After the internship ended, I was hired and stayed in Berlin. Thank you Education GmbH.“

from Portugal, fashion designer

„The Erasmus + experience was very important and fundamental on a personal and professional level. Thanks to this experience I approached the sector in which I am still working. It is also true that it left a GOOD taste in my mouth: I can't wait to travel again!“

from Italy, waitress

„I did an internship in Berlin through the Erasmus+ programme. I was in a social/humanitarian organisation whose aim was to help migrants and people in difficulty. During this internship, my tutor gave me some autonomy and I had the chance to have several missions. If I had to do this experience again, I would do it without hesitation!“

from France, humanitarian project assistant

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